You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'Wow, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' - Dave Barry
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Best Small Dog Breeds

Affenpinscher Dog

American Bullnese Dog

American Hairless Terrier

American Lo-Sze Pugg™

Aussie Bulldog or Australian Bulldog

Australian Terrier

Basset Hound Dogs

Belgian Griffons Dogs

Bichon Frise Dogs

Bichon/Yorkie Dogs

Biewer Dogs

Bolognese (Bichon Bolognese)

Boston Terrier Dog or Boston Bulldog

Bulldog or English Bulldog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cesky Terrier, Czesky Terrier, Ceský Teriér or Bohemian Terrier Dogs

Chihuahua Dogs

Chinese Crested (hairless) or Powderpuff Chinese Crested

Chi-Poo Dogs

Cockapoo, Cockerpoo or Cock-A-Poo

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dogs

Coton De Tulear Dogs


Dandie Dinmont Terrier

English Toy Spaniel or King Charles Spaniel

French Bulldog

German Spitz Dog - Giant, Standard, Toy

Glen of Imaal Terrier, Glen of Imaal Irish Terrier

Great Dane

Griffon Bruxellois Dogs

Hairless Khala, Hairless Khala Medio, Hairless Khala Grande or Pila

Havanese, Bichon Havanais or Havana Silk Dog

Italian Greyhound Dogs

Japanese Spaniel or Japanese Chin Dogs

Kerry Blue Terrier Dogs

Kyi-Leo® Dog

Lagotto Romagnolo Dogs

Lakeland Terrier Dogs

Lancashire Heeler or Ormskirk Heeler

Lhasa Apso Dogs

Löwchen - The Little Lion Dog

Maltese Dogs

Malti-Poo or Malt-A-Poo

Toy Manchester Terrier Dogs or English Toy Terrier Dogs

Mi-Ki Dogs

Miniature Fox Terrier

Miniature Pinscher or Zwergpinscher

Miniature Poodle or Caniche

Miniature Schnauzer

Old Victorian Bulldog, Olde Victorian Bulldogge

Ori Pei Dog Breed

Papillon, Squirrel Spaniel, Butterfly Dog or Continental Toy Spaniel

Peek-A-Poo, Peekapoo, Pekepoo or Peke-A-Poo

Pekingese Dogs

Peruvian Inca Orchid, PIO, Moonflower Dog or Peruvian Hairless Dog

Pomeranian Dogs

Pražský Krysařík, Prazsky Krysavik or Prague Ratter

Pug, Carlin or Mops Dog

Russian Toy Terrier or Moscow Toy Terrier

Schipperke Dogs

Schnoodle Dogs

Scottish Terrier, Scottie Terrier, Scottie or Aberdeen Terrier

Sealyham Terrier Dogs

Shichon Dogs

Shih-Tzu Dogs

Silky Terrier, Sidney Terrier, Australian Silky Terrier or Silky Toy Terrier Dogs

Skye Terrier

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Standard Schnauzer Dogs

Tibetan Spaniel Dogs

Toy Poodle, Caniche or Chien Canne

Victorian Bulldog

West Highland White Terrier, West Highland Terrier or Westie Dogs

Yorkies, Yorkshire Terrier Dogs

Small Exotic Pets

Pet Reptiles

Pet Lizards

Pet Snakes

Pet Turtles

Pet Ferrets

Pet Frogs

Guinea Pigs

Pet Hamsters

Pet Hermit Crab

Pet Mice

Pet Rabbits

Illegal Exotic Pets

Pet Birds

Hints on Keeping the Bird Noise Down

Pet Fish

Setting Up a Fish Tank

Help Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment Rental or Pet Friendly Condo

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