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Choosing a Dog

Choosing the right small pet dog can be difficult. Some dogs are just right for some people, while the very same dogs may be completely inappropriate for others. Having a large, high energy dog in a crowded home with expensive china and crystal dinnerware seems a recipe for disaster. Our dog breed pages have lots of information about various small dog breeds.

Some of the main points you will want to consider:


The temperment of the various dog breeds varies widely. Pick a dog breed that will compliment your lifestyle.

Size of your Home

A larger dog in a small home is can lead to restlessness, whereas smaller dogs normally do very well in smaller spaces.

Size of your Yard

A large will give your dog space to go out and run, even if you are not available to walk them every day. However, more and more people are living in the confined urban spaces, and picking a dog right for the space available isn't only smart, but very kind on to your new best friend.

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Choosing a Dog can be difficult. Here's a list of things to consider when choosing a puppy.

Ability to walk and exercise your new Dog

Will you be able to walk your dog daily? Twice a day? Do you have access to a nearby field where you can exercise your dog by playing frisbee or catch?

Simply said, some dogs require much more exercise than others, and it's not simply based on size. We have a Great Dane that is simply huge, but very very lazy most of the time, and doesn't need more than a walk once a day.

Are Children in your Future

There are a number of dog breeds that simply do not do well with children. If children are a strong possibility, you may want to make sure you are choosing a dog breed that is known to do well with children.

Soon we will have a puppy quiz you can take with insightful questions that will help you know the right dog for you.

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