Pet Birds make wonderful companions, but there are some things you should know before choosing a pet bird for your apartment.The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. - Unknown
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Pet Birds

Pet Bird Information

Small Pet Birds make excellent roommates. However, having a pet bird in an apartment can really work well, or it can get you evicted.

Birds are wonderful apartment pets, but care must be taken to get the right kind of bird for your situation. Often the most important issue when selecting a bird is getting one that will not be too noisy. If you are in a suite at the top of the heap (top floor), then a beautiful, noisy, exotic bird may be just fine. If not, perhaps you'll want to look at some of the quieter breeds.

More so than with other pets, the noisiness can vary greatly depending a particular birds personality and temperament, as well as with the level of attention paid by the owner and their skill at training birds. In fact, it is quite easy to unintentionally teach a bird to scream, although some birds are more predisposed to this.

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The Loudest Birds

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Pet Birds make wonderful companions, but there are some things you should know before choosing a pet bird for your apartment.

Most Cockatoos, especially the Moluccans, Tritons, Elenoras, Citrons. Some smaller Cockatoos will be very noisy while others can be quite quiet with calm personalities. Having a quiet bird usually requires the attention of a devoted, patient owner.

Macaws can be very noisy in a different way with a lot depending on the personality of the particular bird and their environment.

Aratinga Conures such as Nandays, Sun Conures, Jendays, etc., are all very noisy. These birds have such other wonderful traits that make them beloved by their owners that the noise can be tolerated.

Moderately Noisy Birds

Alexandrines are often noisy only at particular times during the day, usually just for a short period.

Amazons can be noisy but their noises are normally so entertaining that they are less difficult to tolerate. They love to vocalize in general and can be very chatty.

Hawkheads have a rare but very sharp, loud cry.

Smaller Ringnecks again have the ability to be loud, but for the most part are not.

Lories can be very noisy, especially when they are excited.

Eclectus parrots are also usually quiet but seem to be able to raise the roof when they squawk.

Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Quakers, Budgies, Parrotlets are usually only moderately noisy.

The Quiet Ones

African Greys are usually rather chatty, but not really noisy, although some have been known to be very loud. They love to whistle and sing, duplicating every little noise they hear including the sound of water and the telephone ringing. Relatively few owners have any noise problems with their African Grey, although the owners must possess a significant bit of patience, as the African Gray will endlessly repeat a sound they've learned.

Parrots, such as Senagals , Meyers, Pionus, and Brownheads are known to be quite quiet breeds, although there is a great deal of variety which may depend on the attention and training they've received.

Canaries are beautiful singers and most everyone actually enjoys the melodic sounds.

Finches likewise make adorable sounds.

Below we have some interesting links, including one with suggestions on how to minimize the level of annoyance to your neighbors.

Pet Bird Care

Read more information on pet bird care.

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