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Pet Frogs

Pet Frog Information

Frogs as pets might seem a little unusual, but actually, exotic pet frogs can be fun.

With proper care pet frogs can live a long time in captivity. Some smaller frogs are quite active. However, many of the larger frogs are quite sedentary and don't move around much.

Pet Frog Care

Frog Habitat

Frogs can be aquatic, terrestrial, arboreal (living in trees), or semi-aquatic (half land and half water). Semi-aquatic probably has the trickiest home to set up which is also one of the most common type of tank needed for frogs.

Aquatic frogs require, of course, water. About one gallon per frog is best - 6 to 12 inches deep and still. It should be changed every 3 to 4 days.

Terrestrial frogs like burrows. They don't move much but rather prefer to sit in water or in a hole. A 10+ gallon tank with a secure lid, hollow rocks or logs, fake or live plants is a great living area. Their life span can be up to 40 years and reach up to 10 inches for males and 5 inches for females.

Arboreal frogs need horizontal and vertical branches (bamboo), high humidity in a well planted terrarium with a secure lid.

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Frog Pets

Semi-aquatic types require ½ land and ½ water in their terrarium. The water should be filtered and changed at least once per week.

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What Do Frogs Eat?

Do you like handling insects? Frogs like a variety - butterworms, crickets, earthworms, goldfish, moths, small grasshoppers and even mice. Aquatic frogs like anthropods, reptomin pellets, lean raw beef, insect larvae, shrimp and worms.


Some frogs hibernate. Be sure to find out the specifics for the frog(s) you plan to keep. There are varying hibernation specifications between different species, so it is important to learn the temperature and humidity level required by your amphibian. It is best not to feed your frog for about a week before hibernating it and one week afterward. Many frogs require a climate change before hibernating. This usually consists of a cooling off period. Usually, high humidity or frequent spraying of your frogs or toads may simulate a rainy season. Some frog or toad keepers will construct "rain chambers," or mechanisms that rain water in one area of the enclosure for set amounts of time each day.

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